Pump Boys and Dinettes: Reviews


Pump Boys and Dinettes at Triad Stage

By John Foley, Debra Monk, Mark Hardwick, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel, and Jim Wann

Scenic Design by Timothy R. Mackabee | Lighting Design by Jesse Belsky | Costume Design by Kendra Weeks | Sound Design by Jonathan Fredette | Music Direction by Justin P. Cowan

"Having a few country roots of my own, I also appreciated how the performance embodied the good nature of Southern Folk, friendship and just enjoying the simple things."

- Lenise Willis, Yes! Weekly

"Director Bryan Conger has implemented a very clear vision that reinforces the components of home, specifically – although not exclusively – if you are a Southerner. The solace of familiar camaraderie, comfort food, and that song or two that always seem to take you back are commonalities shared among all people. However, Conger unquestionably captures the essence of what makes the South particularly special."

- Brandon C. Jones, Classical Voice of North Carolina

Words from Bryan

“This diner and gas station have stopped in time. You can still find those great places in North Carolina. Where time slows down, life is simple and it’s refreshing, it’s like coming home. I hope that’s what the audience feels when they walk in—it’s like coming home again.”